#SadBirthday #BringHimDown

On June 14, You’re Invited …
to Ruin Trump’s Birthday

Dump His Brand – Smush His Cake! Let’s Dance Down His Greed and Hate!

This June 14, take action against Trump’s brand and businesses!

Are you fed up yet? This June 14, for Donald Trump’s 71st birthday, we’re bringing him the gift he deserves: the disruptive power of our resistance, directed squarely at his brand, his businesses, and his ego.

Trump’s business empire is everywhere and so are we.  Protests are already planned at Trump Tower NYC, Mar-a-Lago in Florida, the Trump National Golf Club, and numerous other locations.

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On June 14, let’s bring our creative resistance to Trump’s golf courses, hotels, restaurants, and real-estate and commercial investments, as well as to businesses that continue to do business with him, using all the nonviolent tools at our disposal, including our bodies, our voices, our wallets, and our phones. Find action targets in your area.

The possibilities are as endless as the Trump brand is tacky: pick an approach that works for your group and your community! You might organize an Artist March, a dance party, a flash mob, a picket, or a festive blockade. You might deliver un-birthday cards, dead flowers, or empty presents. Maybe you flood Trump businesses — or businesses that collude with him — with #SadBirthday calls or email cards.  How about playing party games or smashing Trump piñatas?  And no matter what else you do, you can use the occasion to join an existing boycott through Grab Your Wallet or support the ongoing pressure campaign against the Backers of Hate!

Use your wildest imagination to find creative ways to ruin Trump’s birthday by disrupting his brand and celebrating our vision of a just and sustainable world. You won’t just be spoiling his day – you’ll be part of a movement taking action to impact what he cares about most!

List your action, or find an action near you.

Get with your friends or form your own action team or affinity groups to organize something in your area. Consider coordinating with others for maximum impact, to reach as many of his properties and phone lines as possible on June 14.

Action Ideas

Action ideas can be used in a variety of locations, from building lobbies to board rooms to sidewalks outside:  

  • Unbirthday Parties

  • Smash the Cake

  • Trump Piñatas

  • Queer Dance Parties

  • Artist Marches

  • Pin the Tail on the Ass

  • Pop Orange Balloons

  • Deliver dead flowers

  • Unwrapped or empty presents

  • Sing #SadBirthday songs

  • Flash mobs

  • Banner drops / Resistance confetti

  • Funeral marches

  • Phone-a-thons

  • Restaurant “Sick-in”or “Cough-in”

  • Fax #SadBirthday cards to Trump businesses, or businesses that work with Trump


No Trump properties in your community? Check out the #GrabYourWallet spreadsheet for a list of companies including Macy’s, LL Bean, Bloomingdales’s and Lord & Taylor that sell Trump products!  Plan an action at one of those stores to demand that they stop supporting Trump and take his family’s products off their shelves!

Lists of Trump Properties

Trump Organization
Map of Trump Properties
Donald Trump Companies

National Campaigns Against the Trump Brand:

Grab Your Wallet
Don’t Pay Trump

Find an Action Near You — or Host Your Own!

Check out our Facebook calendar to find an event in your area!